Welcome to Chaffey College!

We are happy you have chosen to attend our school.

The Adult Education Partnership Program offers select college courses and books, free of charge, to adult school or CJUHSD Adult Transitions Program students completing their high school diploma, or GED.

Currently, all classes are offered online. The Fall semester begins September 7th, 2021, and December 10th, 2021.

We look forward to supporting you as you begin or continue your college education!

Candice, Nicole, and Laura

The Adult Education Pathways team


This form is for students who have completed Chaffey College's application and received their 7-digit Chaffey College ID number.

  • If you need to apply to Chaffey College you may do so by clicking >HERE < You will receive your Chaffey College student ID number in your email. Please note that it may take 2-3 business days after completing the application.

  • All sections with a red asterisk (*) must be completed to submit the form.

Students that do not attend one of the adult schools or the Adult Transitions Program (ATP) listed above cannot complete this online form. Please email adult.education@chaffey.edu for your options.  

This is provided 2-3 days after applying to Chaffey College.
Student's Name*
Date of Birth*
Student's Address*
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Please select the course(s) you would like to enroll in using the drop-down list(s).  After the name of each class, the unit number is listed (example: 3 units).  You cannot enroll in more than 11 units (APPROXIMATELY 3 CLASSES). 


1) After you complete this form, your adult school or ATP Coordinator will approve your selected courses. If your courses are not approved, you will be notified by your adult school or ATP program;

2) The Adult Education Pathways team will enroll you in your approved courses;

3)  You will receive an email confirming your enrollment.  At the end of August, you will see the class listed in your student portal. Before the start of class, you will receive an email with instructions on how to log into your student portal and how to use Canvas. Canvas is where you will access your online class. There is nothing further you need to do at this time.


To participate, you must be currently enrolled in an adult school high school diploma or GED program OR in the Adult Transitions Program (ATP).

I understand that I will be held to the following student responsibilities:

1. I may not enroll in more than 11 units.

  • Students may take more than 11 units only if approved through the Appeal Petition.

2. I should complete the online Dual Enrollment Orientation.

3. My course(s) must be approved by my adult school or the ATP program.

I understand that the classes I take will be a part of my official permanent college record and may impact my university/college admissions.

Are you enrolled in a GED program?*
Did you read and understand the responsibilities above? *
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Is the student enrolled in your adult school or the ATP program?*
Do you recommend the student be permitted to take the college level degree applicable courses indicated previously?*
I do not recommend the student be permitted due to:*
Were any of the recommended courses changed/updated by you the adult school/ATP program designee?*
Did you make sure to inform the student of the changes/updates?*
By typing my full name below I affirm the accuracy of the information given in this agreement and provide my electronic designee signature verification.*
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